Hello and welcome!

My name is Diana. Nice to meet you!

Ten months ago, when I wrote this About page, it talked of Sims 4 Renaissance Aspirations and other things like that. I have decided it is time for a rewrite. What I said then about myself was true, but I find I really dislike the way I said them. It felt like a failed attempt at a description. Which, considering the title of the blog, would be a good reason to leave everything as it is.

But I cannot. See, my plan is to try things, document how I have failed and then try them again a different way. Or the same way, if I feel especially brave or naive. When I start a new thing, I start with the full expectation that I will fail and also that I will learn something from that. I do not expect to ever stop  failing, to be flawless at anything at all. But I do not want to stop. Failing will always be embarrasing and I will most probably always be afraid of it. But when I can detach myself from the situation and look from afar it is quite enternaining. So I hope to enterntain you as well.

So what do I plan to fail at? Obviously nothing important like my job, relationship, etc. Of course I do not want to fail at THOSE. I want to fail where failing does not have dire consequences. But don’t we all?

I like to read, travel, play video games. I especially like to daydream of how I will learn all the languages in the world, and read every book in the world, and then write my own books.

I want to learn at least six languages – Japanese, French, Russian, Turkish, German, and Portuguese – and to improve my Spanish and Italian. I want to learn to play the piano; and guitar; and violin. I also want to learn to draw.

That being said, literature is the subject I am most interested in. I want to read the major works of the canonical authors from all countries; and if possible, to read them in their original language. Would it surprise you if I told you I also want to write a book or ten?

You may now think that I want to do too many things. I agree. You may think that most of these things require talent and that I will fail miserably. While I am not 100% sure of the first part, I totally agree with the second – I will fail. Miserably.

So how about I try and fail as much as possible, as many times as possible – and see what happens? But failing without an audience wouldn’t be fun! That’s why I made this blog, to invite you to join me on my failing journey – it should be (at least) entertaining.

First things first – watch me fail at blogging!

See you soon x


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