Watch me fail at blogging!

Hi again,

Welcome to my journey!  Thank you for joining me in my attempt to fail at everything

Let’s jump right in, shall we? What better way of starting a blog about failing at everything, than by failing at blogging. And by failing I mean ‘be unsuccessful in achieving one’s goal‘, which is the definition our good friend Google will suggest, if you ever look for the definition of ‘to fail’.

In this case, my goal would be to have a good quality blog. A good quality blog with poor quality attempts at doing things – this should be interesting! Or entertaining. Or none of the above. I have no idea.

I could have made this post better by just deleting the failed attempts from the beginning of this post – but that would defy the whole purpose of showing the failure, the frustrating, boring and annoying process of writing this.

Nonetheless, I invite you to watch me fail, share your wisdom with me, be entertained, or bored, or exasperated at my clumsiness and inability to get anything right, or annoyed at the lack of posts (maybe I should have planned some in advance).

Have you lowered your standards yet? That’s okay, I’ll wait. You have ’till the next post.


Why ‘watchmefailmore’? Because ‘watchmefail’ was taken. It’s an interesting page, albeit inactive since 2008, so check it out if you’re bored.



  1. Jeyna Grace · July 10, 2015

    I don’t think one can fail at blogging. So I don’t think you’ll fail 🙂

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    • rheatethyss · July 10, 2015

      Hi Jeyna 🙂
      Interesting opinion, can I as why do you think one cannot fail at blogging?
      Don’t you think it’s possible for someone to write something that’s below their standard and/or other people’s standard?

      I will say though, seeing that someone not only read your post, but took time to comment, doesn’t feel like failure, quite the opposite – and it’s a wonderful feeling to wake up with.


      • Jeyna Grace · July 10, 2015

        I just don’t believe in it. When people say they failed or are failing at blogging, it doesn’t make sense. A blog is for the author. So as long as you’re blogging for you, you’re not failing 🙂 And if you do write below your own standard, you probably won’t publish it, but that doesn’t mean you fail.

        Haha! Well, it is certainly a nice feeling to know you’re being read 🙂 I guess you’re at the start of blogging success.


        • rheatethyss · July 10, 2015

          Haha, you make a very good point.
          I would say I am very critical of myself and usually end up doing nothing for the fear of failing. I have spent years trying to publish a post on my old blog and it was never good enough. So what I am trying to do is to publish although I consider something way below my ‘standard’.
          (But does this mean that now I have a new standard? And if so, you are entirely right – I am not failing? That’s a philosophical mind bender 😀 )


        • Jeyna Grace · July 10, 2015

          I believe you aren’t, well, you can’t (in my book, that is). Besides, our standard changes day by day. How can we judge ourselves when we change so frequently?


  2. sheepcarrot · July 10, 2015

    There’s something liberating about writing, even if you think or know you can do better, simply in the fact that they are your own words, an expression of your heart, thoughts, perception. Even when the words aren’t perfect, they are still beautiful, because you’re putting in the time and sharing a piece of yourself with the world. Keep at it, don’t get discouraged. Like anything else, writing is something that can be improved with practice, and imho, a blog is a perfect place to be yourself while working on the craft. 🙂

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    • rheatethyss · July 10, 2015

      Amazing words, I completely agree. It is liberating.

      Deciding to explore failing at things is also very liberating.

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment

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