Creating a profile picture – fail?

As you might have noticed, my blog is pretty new. Made yesterday, to be more exact. Needles to say I am a complete newb (pardon my jargon) when it comes to blogging and to the WordPress platform. I thus decided to take my time on learning how things work and start with something really easy – uploading a profile picture. I could have chosen a picture and just upload it, but then, of course, that would have been too easy and straightforward; no way to fail at that. And wasn’t I trying to take risks and fail and see what happens? Of course I was! So let’s try and make a cartoon version of myself instead! That’s way cooler anyway. As I have no inclination for drawing from scratch, and I did need a profile picture this year, I decided to look on YouTube for an easy tutorial. It took less than 10 minutes to find this very interesting tutorial, that didn’t seem impossible. Time to get my tablet, wipe all the dust that has settled on it since I have received it as a gift, and get to work. It was fun, but 4 hours later and many Ctrl + Z commands, all I had was a failed attempt at drawing (and especially colouring hair) and a face with no shading. Let’s not even talk about clothes. Here’s the picture:

20150613_164118I admit that the more I stare at it, the more I like it. Except the hair. Or the attempts at red highlights, to be more exact. But there I was, with a failed attempt, without a finished product, and having to go get some sleep. I decided thus, that I won’t use the picture. Instead, I would make a post about it and show it to you, incomplete as it was, and have another attempt at finishing it soon.

As for the profile picture? I selected (another) one of my many selfies and tried every filter in Photoshop. Note paper filter did the job. And here is my profile picture: avatarWorks for now, eh? I will go back to the cartoon drawing sometime soon and try to fail some more. In the mean time,


Watch me fail at blogging!

Hi again,

Welcome to my journey!  Thank you for joining me in my attempt to fail at everything

Let’s jump right in, shall we? What better way of starting a blog about failing at everything, than by failing at blogging. And by failing I mean ‘be unsuccessful in achieving one’s goal‘, which is the definition our good friend Google will suggest, if you ever look for the definition of ‘to fail’.

In this case, my goal would be to have a good quality blog. A good quality blog with poor quality attempts at doing things – this should be interesting! Or entertaining. Or none of the above. I have no idea.

I could have made this post better by just deleting the failed attempts from the beginning of this post – but that would defy the whole purpose of showing the failure, the frustrating, boring and annoying process of writing this.

Nonetheless, I invite you to watch me fail, share your wisdom with me, be entertained, or bored, or exasperated at my clumsiness and inability to get anything right, or annoyed at the lack of posts (maybe I should have planned some in advance).

Have you lowered your standards yet? That’s okay, I’ll wait. You have ’till the next post.


Why ‘watchmefailmore’? Because ‘watchmefail’ was taken. It’s an interesting page, albeit inactive since 2008, so check it out if you’re bored.